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In Activity 2 you will look at how you can help your students deal with new vocabulary in their lessons.

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Lists and glossaries can be useful for learning vocabulary. You need to give them time to think and you will be amazed how tgy your students know and how well you can help them progress their learning. Any other guesses?

Now the class spends 20—30 minutes a week completing their vocabulary log. Using mime or gesture: You could mime a person propelling themselves in a wheelchair and ask students to say what the word is in their home language to check that they understand. Ask them to write words they need or want to learn on one side of the slip, and information about the word on the other side such as a translation, example sentences, grammatical information and so on.

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That is why students also need support in learning how to record new vocabulary and repeatedly review it. Printable generated Friday, 20 NovUse 'Print oloking to check the of s and printer settings. Once they have created their stories, put students into pairs to share their stories or get someone from each group to tell the class their story. There was his assistant on the line and I told him I had come in a wheelchair from India perhaps he thought I had propelled myself all the way to write about my travels in Britain.

Tgings some of the students to tell you their sentences.

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Higher-order questions, which require more thinking. While your students are reading, write a table like Table 1 on the blackboard. Features Deed with you in mind Enjoy an easy-to-use, touch-based, high-quality collaboration experience. You should: encourage them to share how they guessed the meanings so that they can build up strategies help them to make connections between new vocabulary and words that they already know help them to recognise root words, prefixes and suffixes that help them to guess meanings see Wives want hot sex Pittsford et al.

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Prepare questions that stretch students, but do not challenge them so far that they lose the meaning of the questions. Higher-order questions are often more open-ended. However, there are tnings disadvantages. A simple way to help your students come to understand unknown words is to translate them into your home language.

Or bring one into the classroom on your mobile phone? It is important to remember that you should never answer your own questions!

Do you encourage them to use them at home? If they are having difficulty understanding, try another technique. If wrong answers result in humiliation or punishment, then your students will stop trying for fear of further embarrassment or ridicule. Which words did they find difficult to guess? It was this event na propelled her into politics.

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On average, a teacher spends one-third lookkng their time questioning students in one study Hastings, This can be useful, but there are also some disadvantages to translating: If you translate all the words in a passage, it will take a lot of time. Do you have a dictionary?

Do you agree that they are useful? Questioning is generally used to find out what students know, so it is important in assessing their progress.

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You can also use the logs to plan your teaching: are there any areas of vocabulary that students are having problems with? When they have finished, ask them to copy it into their notebooks. There are many different types of questions that students can be asked. Write these additional words North Kingstown Rhode Island amatuer sex the board, practise saying them with the class and discuss their meaning before telling students to add them to the list of words to learn.

You can do this by asking for: a how or a why another way to answer evidence to substantiate an answer integration of a related skill application of the same skill or logic in a new setting. How could you help your students to understand these words and this passage? Nonetheless, they are still very useful, as they give an idea of what words mean, and possibly how they are used. However, learning a new word or phrase once does not mean that the student will remember it and be able to use it.

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It helps students to guess the meaning of new vocabulary in a text that they are reading. But does simply ghings questions that are either right or wrong promote learning? Activity 1: Introducing unknown words This is an activity for you to do on your own or with a colleague. It could even be the next one you teach.

How do your students use their vocabulary logs? They can read silently or aloud.

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