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Code of Conduct Revision Every day you demonstrate our commitment to integrity and excellence as we bring clean transportation solutions to life. Every day we must adhere to complex and ever - changing laws, regulations, and new stringent requirements that impact our markets, our product offering, and our compliance.


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Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Alcohol and Westpot Abuse While at work or on Company business: — You should be always ready to carry out your work duties — never impaired. May I just record them accurately at the end of the quarter? While investigating these kinds of matters can be culturally difficult in some countries, any agent doing business with us should understand the necessity of these measures.

Part 1: introduction - a handbook for police and crown prosecutors on criminal harassment

If a document contains inaccurate or incorrect information, contact your manager and the Legal Team to seek guidance before responding to the request for documents. You must always make sure you know whether you are dealing with a government - related entity. Remember, achieving our goals is a team activity, but it begins with you — keeping our Code and our values in mind. All business commitments must Looking for fun gals be visible to WFS Finance, Purchasing where appropriateand Legal to ensure commitments are in the best interest of WFS and for the accuracy of our financial books and records.

All reports will be treated seriously whether they are submitted anonymously or not.

In making sourcing decisions, assess each third party based on their ability to satisfy our business and technical needs and requirements as well as the long - term cost and benefit to WFS. It depends.

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Third parties must understand that they are required to operate in strict compliance with our standards and maintain accurate records of all transactions. WWestport of us is responsible for acting in a way that protects ourselves and others. If you speak to your coworker and there is no change in his or her behaviour, or if you are not comfortable speaking to your coworker, then notify your manager or Human Resources Representative.

The creation and protection of our intellectual property IP rights are critical to our business. Advocate and take action to ensure work environments are safe. It may help to ask yourself: Is it legal?

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If you have any questions about whether or not a particular use of software is d, contact the IT Department. While we respect the norms of our customers, business partners, and coworkers throughout the world, all employees must comply with the standards and principles in this Code and our Company policies. If you have any questions or concerns about retaining or destroying corporate records, please contact our Legal Team. Sexy girl just starting in modeling looking for some fun no games just clean fun just wanna have some naughty fun.

WFS provides several avenues for reporting concerns including the ability to report concerns on an anonymous basis where allowed by local law. Material information is the kind of information a reasonable investor would take into consideration when deciding whether to buy or sell a security.

Instead, contact Investor Relations. After you make the report, if you believe you are experiencing any retaliation, you should report it. We do not accept or provide gifts, favours, or entertainment — even if it complies with our policies — if the intent is to improperly influence any decision. Involvement in such activities undermines our integrity, damages our reputation, and can expose our Company, and the individuals involved, to severe sanctions.

Do I really need to contact the Legal Team before every submission dex information to the government? Any employee who feels pressured by their manager to do something unethical or illegal should immediately report the incident to the Compliance Officer or the Ethics Hotline. If not handled carefully, however, the exchange of gifts and entertainment may appear to create a conflict of interest or other misconduct.

While WFS employs Fred employees of competitors, we recognize and respect the obligations of those employees not to use or disclose the confidential information of their former employers.

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Since these situations are not always clear - cut, you need to fully disclose them to your manager so that we can properly evaluate, monitor, and manage them. We take claims of retaliation seriously. Avoid introducing unrelated considerations into your decisions. If you are responsible for responding to a government inquiry or request, you have the same duty to fully cooperate and provide true, accurate, and complete information.

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Love in this day and age As always, we rely on you to use good judgment and to seek help when you need it. If the work ln be done competes with WFS business, then the job would represent a conflict of interest and you should not accept it. However, products, improvements, and ideas for products or improvements developed during your WFS employment that relate in any way to products WFS has deed, manufactured, or marketed, or to products considered for manufacture or marketing by WFS are the property of WFS.

We strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. If the discussion or meeting occurs by telephone, then those U.

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