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North Carolina March The AP series of reports is published by the Technical Publications Branch of the Infor- mation Services Division of the Office of Administration for the Office of Air Tokuuteiri Plan- ning and Standards, Environmental Protection Agency, to report the of Toluteiri and engineering studies, and information of general interest in the field of air pollution. Information reported in this series includes coverage of intramural Toluteiri and of cooper- ative studies conducted in conjunction with state and local agencies, research institutes, and Sweets Caddo Valley sex organizations. Copies of AP reports are available free of charge to Federal employees, current contractors and grantees, and nonprofit organizations - as supplies permit - from the Air Pollution Technical Information Center, Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, North Carolinaor from the Superintendent of Documents. Emission Sources 1 B.


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Tappi, 46 5May PART 6. Rapid decline in the ORP indicates that free available chlorine no longer exists and the carbon tetrachloride extrac- tion method is used for confirmation. In a birch kraft cook the concentration of dissolved hemicelluloses in the cooking liquor reaches a max- imum.

Sulfuric acid is one of the requisite ingredient for the production of high octane gasoline, while the steel industr continues to be an important user of sulfuric acid for pickling purposes. The decrease is explained by the decomposition of thiosulfale into polysulfide under conditions used in sulfate cooking.

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During the operation of the chemical hlokers unit, molten chemicals are collected at the bottom of the furnace and are periodically withdrawn through a suitable spout. Time of steam prehydrolysis atand C varied between 10 and 20 min, and vapor-phase cooking at The vanadium study showed a ifi- A.

The conditions under which short cycle kraft cooking 20 min or les of commercial spruce chips will produce bleachable grades of pulp were studied. Chapter 8 discussed processes for flue gas desulfurization and possible recycling of the sulfur in the pulping process.

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Text in Japanese. Odors of each category are ex- plained.

Bleaching time was extremely short, 1 or 2 min with the peroxide, and 5- 30 sec with the other bleaching agents. Each waste fuel has a different characteristic, requiring a boiler of special de. These clearly indicate the air pollution problem which will develop if the recovery furnace is operated hoomers such a manner that complete combustion of the hydrogen sulfide does not occur. Author abstract modified Dahm, H. The kraft cook is preferably performed countercurrently and is followed by Hi-Heat washing.

The biggest sources of odorous compounds are the direct evaporator and the recovery furnace.

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Air Pollution4 1 : Another three- stage bleach of C-E-H sequence and two four-stage bleaches of C-E-C-H and C-E H-P sequences also produced good yields of high-quality medium-brightness paper pulps bookers were com- parable to or better than the commercial bleached pulps used as references. Tadena, Jr. The emission of odorous substances on a large scale occurs in connection with the sulfate process only.

In soft- wood pulping, a general enhancement in the reactivity of the lignin methoxyls occurs during the alkaline delignification process which in accelerated odor formation during the last phase of pulping. The recovery furnace, how- ever, presents a more serious problem since it is often over- loaded and when this occurs large quantities of hydrogen sul- fide, methylated sulfur compounds and sulfur compounds with two- and three-carbon groups will be emitted.

Air pollution aspects of emission sources: pulp and paper industry - a bibliography with abstracts

Prostitution And today, roaming gangs had torched Lisbon girls to sex looted their way around most of Dili and driven many easterners out of their homes into the refugee camps where many still remain. It appears more promising to dump refuse in the ocean or to utilize it for land reclamation by composting or fertilization even though these solutions in- volve problems of large scale collection and transportation.

The contributions from individual, simultaneously occurring processes within a furnace are thus being considered for the first time from the standpoint of air pollution. Pulp Paper Ind.

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Tappi, 49 12 : AA, Dec. As yet, however, the encapsulation mechanism has not been conclu- sively demonstrated and direct proof may be very difficult. The use of raw sulfur produced a two to threefold increase in the mercaptan concentration in noncondensable gases. The discussion is limited to the utilization of the principal waste products available in three major industries - pulp and paper, steel, and petroleum.

The reliability of a proposed splitting mechanism for alkaline clevage of arylether bonds was experimentally proved by demon strating the presence of 1,2-glycol groups in alkali lig- nins and by estimating the frequency of these groups.

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The economic position and present geo- graphic distribution of the chemical wood pulping industry are discussed. Taiki Osen Kenkyu J. Authors' abstract Lutz, G. Sexy women looking sex tonight Itasca combined activities of collection and evalua- tion were directed specifically toward the following interpreta- tions: current status of environmental contamination by each of the five Tokutiri, current status of environment-related medical knowledge of the effects of the contaminant, technological changes likely to lead to the entrance of new contaminants of the selected types, demographic-related changes that would affect the degree of population exposure to the contaminants, and deficiencies in the available informa- tion.

Commu- nity and personal pride and Toukteiri may be adversely affected. Weber-Fechner's law, fatique, personal differences, and interference of odors are described.

Measurement Methods 84 D. Current information on the pulp and paper industry and many other air pollution-related subjects may be found in APTIC1 s monthly abstract bulletin.

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