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Crooks and heroes, priests and preachers. Religion and socialism in the oral-literary tradition of a Finnish-Canadian mining community Kirsti Salmi-Niklander The goldmining center of Timmins and South Porcupine in Northern Ontario Canada is both a typical and a unique North American community. Like many other mining towns it was founded in the middle of the wilderness. Before the year the vast forests of Northern Ontario had been inhabited only by Native Americans, a few white trappers and gold prospectors. After the first gold findings the Porcupine Camp 1 grew very quickly into one of the largest goldmines in the Western hemisphere.


He describes his experiences in the third person in a leaflet published in English by the United Church, probably in Instead of a funeral service a Finnish socialist Horny women Columbia gave a speech while dressed in a red sweater. Arvi Heinonen [],is very critical of the Lutheran church in Finland, and provides in his leaflet his English-speaking readers reasons for the anti-religiousness of Timmin Finns for his English-speaking readers: these are "the power of the clergy, especially regarding church taxes" and "the filthy and by no means Christian life that many of the clergy led".

Of course it is interesting that even obviously impossible or improbable stories can be presented as the truth.

You could be for all I know and you could shoot me after what I said. Hannes Purra describes the humiliation of Arvi Heinonen with friendly irony, without explaining the reasons for his social reak. The priest answered to the charge: I do not know that man well, but I know that this man has the best reputation among the Finns in Timmins, although you have given false information.

After doing archive research I made a field trip to Timmins in However, when Purra and his bride got to the United Church, it turned out that Heinonen no longer had a permission to perform marriages. Woman looking hot sex Madisonville

The cottage industry of timmins, www.artemis-pollux.eung gold | maclean's | may 4

I thought that I do not want to give offence to anyone and I stayed away, although I really liked it at the beginning. Did the solidarity of women cross ideological borders? Interplay of orality and literacy is typical of all the genres of oral-literary local traditions. This was too much for the more moderate Finns, who founded a competing company, Consumers Co-operative. Before the year the vast forests of Northern Ontario had been inhabited only by Native Americans, a few white trappers and gold prospectors.

The communists wanted to send a part of the profit of the co-op to Soviet Karelia where many Finnish communists moved during the s and s. World War II aggravated the political controversies of the Finns.

My source material includes handwritten newspapers from the s and s, manuscript local histories and interviews. The Lutheran church wanted to keep up the national identity meen the Finns, whereas the United Church aimed at encouraging the Finns to adapt the Canadian society, e. A frequent question is: Who is a real man, a decent guy?

When he was passing, the crowd noticed his ministerial coat, and at once arose shouts of "pappi, pappi" ['minister' in Finnish] together with string of curses. The Lutheran priests of the community did not become topics of a similar narrative tradition. Even though it is not possible to find out if a story is true or not, I can estimate if it is possible or probable.

Priests who accepted the Whites' killing of the Reds, or even participated in it, are main characters in Woman looking real sex Nashville Tennessee of these legends Peltonen In an interview she leaned close to him and confided: "You see the Communists - by the way are you a Communist?

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Tikmins his memoirs Viktor Koski discusses Arvi Heinonen with his mem name and constructs him even more clearly as a tragic hero. The Finnish Presbyterian preachers were anomalies, since their position was very different from that of Lutheran priests in Finland, who had definite power in the community. Although writers of local histories have often participated themselves in the events they are writing about, they distance themselves from the events in their narration.

After this the priest was accused by the Finnish church of being a communist. The Finnish immigrants in Canada were mostly left-wing whereas in the USA the right-wing 'church Finns' formed the majority immigrant group Laine Not any chance for salvation, nothing but the gaping gates of hell, which would swallow us with all our sins and hair.

The right wing church Finns also kept to themselves Vasiliadis, Handwritten newspapers are a new kind of research material for both folklorists and historians.

This brandy-loving priest is illustrated in the comic paper Lapatossu published in Hancock, Michigan, in The s and s were the time of prosperity for the FOC, which dominated the whole multiethnic community. When Miina Knutila talks about "us", the women and the spirited workers, does she mean only the members of the FOC, her own group?

Tackling depression head-on: tough times in the world of ‘real’ men

If someone turned out to have been fighting in the White guards, he was cast out from work groups and labor unions. After passing them, the missionary invited them to the service in their own language. Thirty-eight miners, among them eight Finns, died.

The language of Ruoskija is a combination of Ostrobothnian dialects, English words spelled in the Finnish manner, and an incorrect orthography. Similarly, the stories of Finnish miners can be read as universal narratives about struggle and division, courage and friendship. The Tlmmins for the Finns became a political demonstration.

Tackling depression head-on: tough times in the world of ‘real’ men | daily telegraph

Is it he, who is sure of the absolute rightness of his ideology and does not hesitate to destroy those who think differently? Both of these writers also describe such events in the history of the community in which they did not themselves participate. Dangerous truths and cover stories I originally became interested in this remote community while reading the handwritten newspaper Ruoskija 'Whipper' at the Public Archives of Canada in Ottawa. This woman spoke on the stage, the curtains were brought down but the woman stepped in front of the curtains and continued her speech thanking God and Reverend Lappala, then a group of men attacked the stage and roughly took this mother from the speaker's place this was shocking for a young man from the old land.

I am almost sure that if there would had been an occasion in which one would have to die or to become a communist, this priest would have chosen the death.

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