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Whores in Cincinnati I Am Wanting Nsa

Whores in Cincinnati

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Kentucky, as everyone knows, is famous for good whiskey, good looking women, fast horses and hospitality, and no one is more Cihcinnati than a Newport, Kentucky taxi cab driver. Every cab driver I Cncinnati was most happy to take me on a guided tour of what is now reputed to be America's most wicked city, directly across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. I don't want to get mixed up in interstate stuff. Just don't let'em steer you into a bust-out t. Brother, if you get into one of them places they'll turn you upside down and shake you good to be sure you got nothin' left before they let you out.


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Perhaps they are afraid their families will be hurt. I should just hand it out for free.

When there is a big convention in Cincinnati, the often jumps to five hundred. Just plain nothin'.

The heat goes on every once in a while; maybe once or twice a year somebody gets knocked off to ib the Cincinanti in town satisfied, but it don't mean a thing. When the celebrant returned Swingers in Valleyview the bosom of his family and his place as a respected pillar of his community, the marshal telephoned and let him hear the recording of passion talk against a background of creaking bed springs.

Cartoon of man and woman on bicycles.

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In the seat of local government His Honor led me to a small office. Only thing that happens is that prices go up.

The millions poured into the area by visitors is not confined to the half-dozen honest gambling places, the madams, girls, bust-outs, and property owners who collect enormous rents for houses of ill-fame. Other industries and businesses are small. One of them was obviously high. They say he wins much more than the players. There was one dice table, one for black jack, and a big round table for poker, but it was too early for the sucker crowd.

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Mayor Maybury did not exaggerate the Newport businessman's attitude. Newport is in Campbell County and the whole area is generally referred to as northern Kentucky, and northern Kentucky serves as the playground not only for bustling Cincinnati, with its more than half a million population, but for a vast area within Whorws hundred mile radius. Dayton, Ohio is practically next door. They always do.

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Does your mother know where you are? Since Kentuckians are basically gentlemen the two men resented the Cincunnati suggestion as an affront to the lady and one broke a beer bottle over the cop's head, knocking him unconscious to the sidewalk. There was another banging on the door. Every jerk worries about you then says, 'Well, do you want to go upstairs.

A few men were drinking beer at the bar. If the 9's win, he gets ten percent of the Cincinntai if the 9's lose he pays all that the 9's invested.

Downstairs was the bar and crooked gambling. Probably the most notorious bust-out in northern Kentucky was run by a marshal, the sole law in this community Cincinnnati recently.

In the shadow of both buildings begins The Bottoms, a section of cheap Cincinnatl of prostitution and raw bust-out ts. Vice has been in northern Kentucky for so long that its presence is accepted as perfectly natural. The girl who had started drinking early turned to me. Campbell County voted to stay wet.

Don't misunderstand me. I just want to ask some questions. Upstairs was the whore-house section, with every bed wired to a recording machine.

More than half of Newport's workers are employed in Cincinnati. Syndicate casinos, everyone agrees, are meticulously honest, which is more than can be said for an occasional guest who tries to ring in a pair of loaded dice or pulls a fast routine to get hush money, like one Southern gal who figured a t operating illegally would make some sort of settlement rather than attract attention.

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The insurance broker makes up his mind if the ace-king hand really has a pair or is just hoping to connect. There is little talk; pallid-faced men drone the plays on the dice tables Cincinnnati equally pallid-faced men and women bet their money with a grim intentness.

I never rolled anybody in my life - the jerks. By the time they finished answering the girl's shrewd questions, the recording machine had his name and address, his business, his wife's name, the children's names and other vital Whore.

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Those with whom I talked were not interested in the city as a residential community, for few of them live in the city. Anyway, they pressured the cops and the cops had to knock her off; and the broadie said if they figured on giving her time she'd take half the city officials with her because they were her customers; so, when they brought her to trial, the jury got hung.

The other stomped on the prostrate officer while the lady danced a jig in sheer delight.

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