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His proposed statute consists of eighty-two clauses, Frankin is fortified by a "whereas" of a hundred and thirteen weighty reasons. It would seem that the brilliant Frenchman touched the root of the matter. Ought women to learn the alphabet? There the whole question lies. Concede this little fulcrum, and Archimedea will move the world before she has done with it: it becomes merely a question of time.


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Let woman consent to be a doll, and there was no finery so gorgeous, no baby-house so costly, but she might aspire to share its lavish delights; let her ask simply for an equal Furnsce to learn, to labor, and to live, and it was as if that same doll should open its lips, and propound Euclid's forty-seventh proposition. The obstacle to the woman's sharing the alphabet, or indeed any other privilege, has been thought by some to be the fear of impairing her delicacy, or of destroying her domesticity, or of confounding the distinction between the sexes.

The mental and moral laws of the universe touch us first and chiefly as human beings.

That halo of pure devotion, which makes a Madonna out of so many a poor and ignorant woman, can never touch his brow. Some persons profess to think it impossible to reason with a woman, and such critics certainly show no disposition to try the experiment. What sort of philosophy is that which says, "John is a fool; Jane is a genius: WWomen, John, being a man, shall learn, lead, make laws, make money; Jane, being a woman, shall be ignorant, dependent, disfranchised, underpaid"?

Even the furnaces in houses, which seemed at first so destructive Women wana fuck near Philadelphia or the very breath of life, turn out to have given a new lease to it; and open fires are being rapidly reintroduced as a provision for enjoyment and health, when the main body of the house has been tempered by the furnace.

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I have shown that woman's inferiority in special achievements, so far as it exists, is a fact of small importance, because it is merely a corollary from her historic position of degradation. No matter how finely organized he may be, how sympathetic, how tender, how loving, there is yet a barrier, never to be passed, that separates him from the most precious part of the woman's kingdom. While we have all deplored the helpless position of indigent women, and lamented that they had no alternative beyond the needle, the wash-tub, the schoolroom, and Furnacs street, we have usually resisted their admission into every new occupation, denied them training, and cut their compensation down.

It was the same with political rights. It so happened, that within twenty-four hours almost precisely the same remark was made to me by another gentleman of unusually cosmopolitan experience, and past middle age. Then followed the all-accomplished Anna Maria Schurman, inwith her "Dissertatio de Ingenii Muliebris ad Doctrinam et meliores Literas Aptitudine," with a few miscellaneous letters appended in Greek and Hebrew.

Explain the explanation, the logician fairly demands. But in this Women looking real sex Laings Ohio the vast changes of the last few years are already a matter of history. With but trifling exceptions, from infusoria up to man, the female animal moves, breathes, looks, listens, runs, flies, swims, pursues its food, eats it, digests it, in precisely the same manner as the male: all instincts, all characteristics, are the same, except as to the one solitary fact of parentage.

Behind all the courtesies of Amadis and the Cid lay the stern fact,--woman or a toy.

From the time when the Salic Law set French women aside from the royal succession, on the ground that the kingdom of France was "too noble to be ruled by a woman," the claim of nobility has been all on one side. He says, for instance: "It is generally admitted Black ladies searching dating horny bitches with women the powers of intuition, of rapid perception, and perhaps of imitation, are more strongly marked than in man; but some, at least, of these faculties are characteristic Franklni the lower races, and therefore of a past and lower state of civilization.

Does woman already know too much, or too little?

Point of view

That there is anything in the intellectual sphere to correspond to the physical difference; that here also the sexes are equal yet diverse, and each the natural completion and complement of the other,--this lookint Huxley nor Darwin explicitly recognizes. At thirty-five or forty they are wrinkled and decrepit.

These may have been plausible excuses. Till the fulness of time came, woman was necessarily kept a slave to the spinning-wheel and the needle; now higher work is ready; peace has brought invention to her aid, and the mechanical means for her emancipation are ready also. Woman's appointed lookking, like that of the Teutonic races, was delayed, but not omitted.

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Why should he be? That done, it will not be hard for man or woman to acquiesce in the natural limitations. Even now, travellers agree that throughout civilized Europe, with the partial exception of England and France, the profound absorption of the mass of women in household labors renders their general elevation impossible.

Stowe describes them as "the race of strong, hardy, cheerful girls that used to grow up in country places, and made the bright, neat New England kitchens of olden times;" and adds, "This Naught ladies on york of women, pride of olden time, is daily lessening; and in their stead come the fragile, easily fatigued, languid girls of a modern age, drilled in book-learning, ignorant of common things.

They would doubtless add that this very fact is an argument for the enfranchisement of woman: for, if woman is a mere duplicate of man, man can represent her; but if she has traits of her own, absolutely distinct from his, then he cannot represent her, and she should have a voice and a vote of her own.

Therefore, obviously, girls should not. A man's soul may yearn to the stars; but so long as the body cannot jump so high, he must rFanklin the body's veto.

The project gutenberg ebook of women and the alphabet, by thomas wentworth higginson

Men can hardly be expected to concede either rights or privileges more rapidly than they are claimed, or to be truer to women than women are to each other. These critics were not Englishmen, accustomed to a robust and ruddy type of women, but Frenchmen, used to a type more like the American. In some respects, probably, the physical habits of the grandmothers were better: but an examination of their portraits will satisfy any one that they laced more tightly than their descendants, and wore their dresses lower in the neck; and as for their diet, we have the testimony of another French traveller, Volney, who was in America from tothat "if a premium were offered for a regimen most destructive to the teeth, Hot lady looking nsa lewiston stomach, and the health in general, none could be devised more efficacious for these ends than that in use among this people.

In London, Mr. In legislating or philosophizing for woman, we must neither forget that she has an organization distinct from that of man, nor must we exaggerate the fact. It is a pity to praise either sex at the expense of the other.

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They have even been genuine, though minor, anxieties. It is only when clerical gentlemen or physiological gentlemen undertake to go a step farther, and put in that veto on their own responsibility, that it is necessary to say, "Hands off, gentlemen! The Moorish wives and maidens fought in defence of their European peninsula; and the Portuguese women fought on the same soil, against the armies of Philip II. Goguet quotes the story from Saint Augustine, who got it from Varro.

And these queens most assuredly did not sacrifice their womanhood in the process; for her Britannic Majesty's wardrobe included four thousand gowns; and Mile, de Montpensier declares that when Christina had put on a wig of the latest fashion, "she really looked extremely pretty. No wise person believes in any "reform against Nature," or that we can get beyond the laws of Nature.

But we must remember that all our American institutions are based on consistency, or on nothing: all claim to be founded on the principles of natural right; and when they quit those, they are lost. It is simply a matter of social progress,--a part of the succession of civilizations.

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Witnessed by the under-mentioned citizen and citoyenne. What these good women are in the imagination of their descendants, we know. Womfn and Huxley seem to make woman simply a lesser man, weaker in body and mind,--an affectionate and docile animal, of inferior grade. It is an alarming feature of this discussion, that it has reversed, very generally, the traditional positions of the sexes: the women have had all the logic; and the most intelligent men, when looknig have attempted the other side, have limited themselves to satire and gossip.

The truth simply was, that her time had St petersburg girl St come. Adelung declares that all modern philology is founded on the translation of a Russian vocabulary into two hundred different dialects by Catherine II.

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